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The party head down to Other London to discover whoever supplied the equipment to the arsonists and Sasha comes face to face with Ashen.

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Bertie repairs his armour with a gem in his eagle helmet, which gives an everburning torch effect which can be toggled with an eyepatch. Hamid bought 5 'Cure Light Wounds' potions and distributed them to the group. Zolf purchased a health potion and healer's kit. Sasha purchased Masterworks Thief Tools.

The party decide to go and look for whoever sold the equipment to the arsonists. The party heads back to the man-hole cover they emerged from the previous day and head into Other London after the suitably cover themselves in dirt. Sasha picks another door and they emerge into a shop in Other London selling prime rat. They accidentally get into a fight with the store owner, but Bertie defuses the situation.

As they walk through the crowd a mob of children pickpocket Bertie, who Sasha fails to stop but she does force the rest of the children away. The party hide the rest of their belongings as they pass through a few more gates. Sasha disguises herself as they head into a more seedy market of Other London. Hamid spots the child who pickpocket 

Bertie earlier in a nearby ally and Messages Sasha about it. She overhears the child telling a hidden man about the money and the party prepare to be attacked, going to an Eel Stand for food. 

Sasha recognises Ashen stepping out. Ashen nods to a few nearby men, some of whom have dogs. Two men with dogs, two men and Ashen move towards the party. Sasha sneaks behind Ashen and attacks him whilst the rest of the party subtly prepares for the attack.