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The party return to Sargeant Haringay, explaining what they've found. He insists that he needs to know what happened to the whole thing.

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Back in the sewer Hamid casts Prestidigitation, revealing the object to be the head of the Simulacrum. Although Bertie attempts to communicate with it, it seems to be damaged beyond repair. The party wonders if the rest of the Simulacrum is at the bottom of the fecal lake and Hamid wonders why it was disposed of. Sasha finds a trip wire booby-trapping a nearby door.

Hamid casts Message on the rest of the party and they sneak downwards. Another stairwell leads down into Other London, Sasha hears a few Other Londoners discussing the outrageous price of bread. She emerges above a market in a huge steel complex and the two return to Zolf and Bertie, where the party decides to return the parts of the Simulacrum to Haringay.

Returning up the original set of stairs, they find another door at the top of the steps. Sasha breaks through the door and finds a service tunnel filled with pipes. At the end, they find a man-hole cover and Bertie opens the cover to exit into a upmarket area at night. They arrive at the Central Prescient (with a Rose and Baton crossed as the sigil) and head to Haringay's office which is covered in papers. Zolf and Hamid explains about the events of the day, saying that it looks like people from Other London are involved, although Sasha is reluctant to go back there. Haringay gives them 400 gold in payment and makes pains to explain that he needs to know what happened to the whole thing and what they planned to use it from. The party heads back to Hamid's expensive apartment to recover.