Summary Edit

The party head down into the sewers and recover parts of The Simulacrum.

Synopsis Edit

The rest of the party follow Sasha into the maintenance tunnel, with Bertie perfectly catching Zolf with his finger on Zolf's peg leg. Sasha checks for traps, finding a tripwire attached to a flask across the exposed hole, which she disarms and pockets. Sasha sneaks down the man hole into the sewer.

The sewer is extraordinarily clean for something designed to transport waste. Bertie has to remove his armour to get down the man-hole, and the party wonders how the Simulacrum managed to fit down the hole. The party head down to a T-junction where water is flowing into a large plunge pool, with either side leading to other service tunnels, although most of the corridors don't have anything down them, there is a corridor with a blown off door leading further down. Bertie notices something in the pool of sewage and Zolf, perched on a floating disk, fishes out the item. Hamid casts Prestidigitation to clean it, discovering it's the Simulacrum's forearm.

Zolf, casting Detect Magic, sees a magical item, similar to the forearm, in the pool. He dives in before the party can react, but as he tries to swim to the magical item he gets caught in an undercurrent, although he is able to grab the item as he is sucked into a hole, draining the pool. Hamid ties a rope to himself, handing it to Bertie, and leaps down after Zolf who still has the magical item. Bertie and Sasha argue about tugging strength. 

Hamid slides down the pipe down the pipe and finds a room with a walkway around the edge and Zolf in a pool of sewage in a processing room and goes back to get more rope to help Zolf, saving him and the object from the pool of poo.