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The party look into the arsonists, finding distinguishing tattoos from Other London

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At Edison's blazing house, the party approaches Sargeant Haringay, who is now in charge. After giving the party 50 gold as a reward, the party explains what happened at the house. He asks the party to recover the Simulacrum, or bring him the men who caused the damage at Edison's house.

Zolf heals the party and Hamid casts Prestidigitation to clean Bertie's armour before they go and investigate the six bodies that were removed from the house. Four of them are guests, one was someone serving canapés, and one has a short sword, tinder sticks and a thunderstone. From the looks of his equipment, Sasha realises that he's from Other London. Hamid attempts to Detect Magic, finding various magical items on the other guests, but nothing on the waiters.

Bertie notices two darkly dressed gnomes stand off to one side holding briefcases, who nod at Bertie and then the party before leaving. Zolf checks the body for tattoos, and finds a brand on his right bicep: a many pointed star in a circle, although Sasha doesn't know more details than that.

The party go to find the tailor who Sasha bumped into previously. They find him and enter his shop, Willikins & Brothers. Bertie convinces Willikins that they are trustworthy, and the party descend into the cellar. After some investigation, the party finds another hole in the shop floor and Sasha goes down into this new hole. Down the hole there's a maintenance tunnel and an open manhole.