Summary Edit

Sasha pursues the Naked Arsonist whilst the rest of the rangers help the diplomats.

Synopsis Edit

Bertie helps Byron and Colgate, as Zolf and Hamid help out the diplomats and Sasha chases the fleeing waiters

As they leave through the stage door, guards appear and help them out.

Sasha continues to follow the fleeing waiter, the Naked Arsonist. Trying not to engage, she notices the first waiter who left with Edison's folder leaving through a hole blown in the wall. As she hears a hissing, she leaps away and the room explodes, obfuscating their escape route. She finds herself in a featureless cellar without anything in it and turns to leave.

Zolf checks that no one from the burning building is wounded, heals Byron and fixing another's broken leg.

Sasha looks up through the cellar door and sees that she's emerging into a tailor's, Willikins & Brothers, who helps her out of the shop, locking it, then gives Sasha a few coppers in thanks.

Sasha finds the party and Zolf goes to talk to Sargeant Haringay about the remaining people in the burning building.

Combat Breakdown Edit

The fire spreads

Hamid goes to move the French diplomat away from the fire.

Something happens!

Berties moves to Byron, shouting "Byron, Byron! Wake up! I have some opium!". Colgate is conscious and asks Byron to apply pressure to Byron's wounds.

Something else hidden happens.

Sasha sneaks down into a neighbouring cellar. She hears a blast further up. Climbing on top of the crate, sneaking across the top of them.

The fire spreads!

Hamid, in the wine cellar, drags the fallen french diplomat to the exit.

Bertie lifts up Byron and heads towards the exit of the building.

Zolf picks up his nearby diplomat, placing him on the floating disk, then push the disk, whilst on it, down the hole.

Sasha leaps across crates, pursuing the fleeing waiter.

Fire spreads

Hamid removes the French diplomat from the cellar.

Bertie continues to remove Byron from the building.

Zolf is helping the diplomats out of the building.

Hamid tells Bertie that he's got the French diplomat, Bertie lets him know that they're getting everyone else out.

Combat ends, high XP success!