Hamid and Bertie foil a pickpocket.  Zolf broods.  Sasha incites a food riot, and encounters large crowds attempting to flee Eiffel's Folly.


The next morning the Rangers wake up to an incredibly quiet Paris.  The rangers feel physically spent and emotionally drained.  Breakfast arrived late, but with more lobsters than normal.  One of the valets mentions that food is starting to spoil.  The valet delivers a note from Oscar Wilde saying "Stay Put"

Bertie continues to speak in perfect French but does not realize it. Hamid checks Bertie, to see if he understands any other languages.  Sasha uses sign language to insult Bertie, but Bertie misunderstands and believes that Sasha is doing a joyous dance.

Hamid and Bertie head out to fence some treasure and mechanical body parts. There is almost nobody on the streets, and the only things moving are horse drawn.  Hamid suggests heading to the district that manufactures the clockwork men.  They eventually find the market, but most vendors are closed. They decide to come back another day.  They discover that the mechanical men are manufactured outside of the city and sold as luxury bespoke items. They return to La Triomphe in the evening.

Sasha spends the day on the roof, sitting  quietly next to the gargoyles.  It is quiet and she can hear birdsong.  She can see a few groups of people, but it feels more like a weekend than a weekday.

Hamid and Bertie arrive back at the hotel, where Zolf has spent the day watching a bathtub full of water.  Sasha writes a postcard to Barret(?) telling him shes doing well.  She heads out to find a postbox.  Bertie reads "When Passions Collide" and discusses the book with Zolf.  During the night, Sasha has bad nightmares of Brock, and Bertie has a realistic dream of the Mr. Ceiling alternate reality Paris. 

The next morning, Sasha wakes up early, and discovers that breakfast has not been delivered.  So she decides to head out in the direction of Eiffel's Folly.  There are quite a lot of people out today.  They seem to be upset and arguementative.  She sees someone steal something from a store; while the guards are distracted, she decides to steal a bun.  She is discovered by the guards, and suddenly about 20 people are stealing what they can and dispersing. She uses her acrobatic skill to escape the store while the guards are otherwise occupied.

Bertie heads out in full armor along with Hamid to once again try to find somewhere to hock his jewels.  They notice that they are being followed by 2 non-descript men.  Hamid walks confidently towards one of the men, who immediately backs away and heads off.  The other one snatches a bag from someone in front of them.  Hamid casts sleep on the thief, who falls asleep with bag in hand.  The woman takes her bag back and flees. They decide to take the man back to the hotel for interrogation. He protests until he is promised a meal.

As Sasha continues to head in the direction of Eiffel's Folly, the situation becomes distinctly worse, with more people in the street and more unrest.  She reaches a line of guards that prevents her getting any closer.  She climbs a roof to bypass the guards.  On the far side, there are alot less people.  She sees a fence surrounding Eiffel's folly, with people near the fencing, guards facing inwards, and people on the other side of the fence pointing out.  People are trying to escape over the fence and through manholes. The guards are mostly maintaining the situation, but its starting to deteriorate.  She goes down a manhole and is told La Gourmand (the head of the gang that was supplying the brains) is on the warpath and she needs to leave now.  She escapes back to La Triomphe via the sewers after she's disovered by the guards.

Bertie and Hamid return to the apartment with the pickpocket.  They notice that Zolf has been crying.  Sasha arrives back at La Triomphe, and they share a meal before questioning the thief.   Sasha asks about La Gourmand but the criminal claims not to know anything.  They decide to let the pickpocket go.

The Rangers discuss whether to return to Eiffel's Folly to rescue some of the trapped people, and the morality of their prior actions.  Outside, there is a huge crowd of rioters angrily cheering and tipping carts over.   The concierge knocks at the door, and apologetically explains that the gargoyles have been deployed to disperse the rioters. Sasha heads out into the evening for some vigilante style exploration.  Bertie attempts to follow but the gargoyles block his way.