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The Rangers return to Paris proper to find a city devoid of any working technology. They find their Meritocratic contact, Oscar Wilde, and explain about the events below Paris.

Synopsis Edit

The party back to the world of Paris, where all the automated cabs have stopped moving and mechanical billboards have stopped moving and all the Parisians are wandering around, quie confused. Hamid spots Madeline and gives her Brutor.

The party return to the hotel in L'Arc de Triomphe which is in disarray. Zolf decides to take the legs that Mr Ceiling made him as he feels useless and an ineffective mercenary without them. As they go to leave, Sasha's mechanical man grabs her arm, which Bertie hacks off. Hamid takes the message from Brock that it tried to give Sasha: "Sasha, thank you. Find the one who got away."

The Rangers head off to a police station with the aim to find Oscar Wilde. Bertie powers through the crowd outside the police station, shouting, in French, that he, the hero, has arrived. The policemen guarding the station aren't allowing people in, but Hamid threatens to tell the crowd what's happened and they get into the station.

Shouting at another policewomen, Hamid manages to speak to a sargeant. He explains to the sargeant what they found under the L'Arc De Ordinator. She gets them to speak to her boss, who sends them up to their boss and so on. Although they respect that the Rangers are important, they're not able to prove that they're working for the Meritocrats with the communications down.

Eventually, Oscar Wilde appears at the station and The Rangers explain to him what's happened, including that there are other ones possibly being built under London and Cairo, they also explain that they know that Bolos Noc is dead and that Francois Henri helped design it and the Simulacrum. They do not tell him that Tesla was involved in the design of The Simulacrum.

Oscar Wilde asks them to stay at the hotel and await his instruction. The exhausted Rangers collapse back in their hotel and we leave Paris darkened with only Eiffel's Folly illuminated.