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Summary Edit

The Rangers awake with their memories back. They find Francois Henri's secret workshop and burn all the notes and blueprints for Mr Ceiling and The Simulacrum. The party head back to Paris proper.

Synopsis Edit

Sasha wakes up and realises that she remembers meeting Francoid Henri: they spoke and she realised that something was wrong and one of the zombie robots came in and wiped her mind. The rest of the party wakes up, including Brutor, who snarls and barks at Bertie. He can't sooth his dog and Hamid casts 'Sleep' on it to calm the situation. They look back into the elementals room and see a mirky muddy water in the floor. Bertie and Sasha go and check for what's happened with the elementals. 

Bertie finds a hidden door and they head down, finding a workroom. There is a 'conspiracy board': a collection of papers, notes and diagrams pinned up and linked and the rest of the room is a mess but hasn't been enhabited for a long time. Sasha suspects that this may be Francois Henri's workshop where he designed Mr Ceiling and she pockets one of the spheres that lead them around the complex as well as a few other pieces. Bertie fills a box with the notes from the conpiracy board and they return to Hamid and Zolf. Brutor wakes up and Hamid casts 'Sleep' on him to calm him again.

Zolf has a look through the box as Bertie heads off looting. The notes contain details of how Mr Ceiling was built including cyphered notes. There are also notes and components that could be related to the Simulacrum. 

Sasha hears a low screaming and moaning, presumably from the Ordinators. They go and find Zolf's new legs and arm and do some light looting, including the book 'When Passions Collide'. The two of them return to Hamid and Zolf who are burning the notes from Francois' workshop. Sasha says a final goodbye to Brock and The Rangers head off into the catacombs with the plan to leave whilst avoiding crowds. Bertie gets them extremely lost, however, and they are forced to return back to the Mr Ceiling complex and leave through. On the way up, they find signs of pandemonium and dead robot-zombies littered around the building.