Summary Edit

The party investigate the depths of Mr Ceiling's home, finding four coloured crystals containing elementals. They break the fire and water elementals from their crystals and flee. As they run, the whole party collapses.

Synopsis Edit

The party hears a hissing from the room full of brains. In the middle of the room, Zolf sees a small amount of gas coming from the central room with a light coming from beneath it. They move over to the light, revealing a small circular staircase going downwards. Hamid and Zolf checks the brains in columns, which doesn't have any fluid entering of leaving them and there is no magic coming out of the column. However, there is something magical in the bottom of the staircase.

Below, the room is more functional and dirty and the steam is coming out of some pipes. There is also a vault door further into the room, which leads to a large, metal, domed room. There is light coming from the edges of the room and there are 4 crystals around the room in carts, which can slot into a junction box in the centre.

To the far right of the door there is a red crystal, trapping an elemental, probably fire. To the right of the door if a white crystal with an air elemental inside. To the left of the door is a nature elemental in a green crystal and to the far left is a water elemental in a blue crystal. They decide that this is probably powering the machine. Sasha looks at the controls, and realises that they control the carts holding the crystals and a thick cable can be brought down. Hamid and Zolf realise that this is something to generate power and there are instructions, in English, for how to power it up.

Hamid heads over to the fire elemental's crystal which acts strangely for an elemental. Zolf and Bertie head back upstairs before Sasha presses one of the suspicious buttons. There is a sudden hiss as the red crystal's cart falls down, cracking the crystal. The fire elemental explodes out from the crystal, Sasha gets behind the console as Hamid is knocked down. The fire elemental approaches the halfling as he flees, grabbing him as he flees up the stairs.

Sasha cracks open the water elemental's crystal and the party flee as the two opposing elemental fight. As they run, Sasha collapses, followed by Brutor, followed by Bertie, then Hamid and Zolf.

Elemental Breakdown Edit

The fire elemental picks up Hamid and investigates him.

Sasha hammers the button for the water elemental.

Hamid screams.

Zolf does nothing.

Bertie sees a huge flaming foot in the doorway to the staircase and looks towards it, burning himself. He then closes the door.

The fire elemental places Hamid down and returns to its crystal.

The water elemental's crystal starts to crack.

Sasha runs to Hamid and they flee up the stairs to Bertie and Zolf.

Hamid continues to flee.

The fire elemental roars.

The water elemental flows out of the crystal and a gush of water rushes up the stairs.

Sasha is thrown by the water and is submerged. She swims upwards. 

The party realise that Hamid's skin is a bronze colour. They run for the exit.