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The Rangers find that everything is perfect. Too perfect. Sasha surmises that they might be under some sort of mind control. They return to Mr Ceiling's control room to find themselves frozen in place the second before Hamid turns off the machine. They step into the room and Hamid turns it off.

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Hamid and Bertie emerges onto the balcony and the crowd cheer them.

Zolf and Sasha are not talking in the room, Zolf sees the headline 'Barret has been captured in London', the article goes on to say that Haringay has arrested him with the help of Gragg Colson. Sasha worries that this power vacuum could be terrible for Other London. Zolf apologises to Sasha for his earlier outburst and they have an awkward reconciliation.

On the balcony, Hamid and Bertie are playing with the crowd.

The next morning servants arrive with sacks of fanmail and a telegram. Hamid reads the telegram, which says "DEAREST SON STOP SO PROUD STOP INBOUND STOP SO PROUD STOP", and Hamid starts to cry. Zolf says that he doesn't want the legs as it reminds him of the thousands of brains they destroyed.

Two gnomes arrive and say that, thanks to Bertie's latest escapades, they tell Bertie that the contract has been completed and is now void: The McGuffingham debt has been paid off. Bertie says that he will leave immediately after getting paid for his legs. Bertie leaves so that the rest of The Rangers can work out what they're going to do next.

Oscar Wilde arrives holding a telegram for Sasha. Oscar explains that an Ordinator was being built under London and Ciaro but there were no brains stolen yet and the operations were shut down. Guivre, the French Meritocrat, is sending funds and aids to bring Other London into London proper. Gragg is starting his own bakery: Gragg's Bakery. Oscar starts to say that the Simulacrum plans were with the Ordinators. Sasha whispers to Zolf asking if these memories are correct. Sasha's telegram says "GO BACK STOP GET OUT STOP". The Rangers discuss that these memories may be fake and living in a dream world, like The Ordinators. They decide to go back to the crater, but Hamid decides to stay, asking what's the point in them going: if they can't trust their senses how can they even get out or know what's real.

The Rangers, minus Hamid, head to the crater of L'Arc De Triomphe and back down into the ruins. They find the double doors to the room with the brains in jars, which are all now there, undamaged. They go into the room with the central control panel, but where the control panel was they find a wooden door. Behind, they find the party frozen in the instant before Hamid turned off the machine. Bertie steps into the room and disappears.

Back at the hotel, Hamid has eaten too much cheesecake. Oscar heads off and there is a knock on the door. Behind it, there is Sasha's mechanical man, who says "Go back. Get out." and eventually convinced Hamid to persue the rest of The Rangers. On the way back, the halfling sees a billboard with the message "Look after her for me". He finds Sasha and the two of them head back into the crater. They return to Zolf and the three of them head into the room.

They find themselves back in that frozen moment just before Hamid turns off the machine and everything goes quiet and the lights go off.