Summary Edit

The party continue to evacuate the diplomats from Edison's burning mansion whilst fighting the arsonists.

Synopsis Edit

The party continue to fight the two waiters after the huge explosion in the mansion house, Bertie drops a piano on another and the final one fled. Zolf helps the trapped diplomats escape the fire.

Combat Breakdown Edit

Hamid casts Magic Missile at the flask wielding waiter.

The waiter takes out another flask. Leaping onto the stage, he throws the flask at Sasha, missing.

Bertie attacks the waiter with the sword. 

The fleeing waiter continues to flee.

The waiter with the short-sword leaps onto the stage, and takes out a flask as well.

Zolf gets ready to help the diplomats.

Sasha stabs the waiter who was attacking Hamid, missing.

The diplomats [retroactively] throw the injured Japanese diplomat across the hole, towards Zolf.

Hamid fires another Magic Missile at the waiter Sasha is attacking, going around Sasha.

That waiter drops down into the hole beside him, landing without damaging himself.

Bertie swings at the stage, misjudging the swing, chopping the legs off the piano.

The remaining waiter throws a flask at Bertie, missing, and drops down the hole.

Zolf tries to haul the unconscious diplomat over the lip of the crater.


The French diplomat [preemptively] falls down the hole, and the other diplomat leaps across the hole.

Hamid looks down into the wine cellar, shouting to the party that one of the waiters got away with something important.

The waiter in front of Hamid stumbles.

Bertie shoves the piano into the hole that the waiters fell into, which topples into the hole, narrowingly missing Hamid and crushing one of the waiters.

Zolf tries to pull the unconcious japanese diplomat up, failing.

Sasha jumps down and lands near the other waiter.

The french diplomat calls from the bottom of the hole, the other one helps Zolf to pull up the japanese diplomat, also failing.

Hamid casts acid splash on the remaining waiter, not affecting him.

The remaining waiter flees

Bertie tries to help the diplomat and Zolf, also failing.

Zolf suggests they pull together and counts down.

Sasha looks around to see if any help is approaching, hearing approaching people, and heads after the waiter.

Bertie, Zolf and the other diplomat eventually manage to pull up the Japanese diplomat.