Summary Edit

The party flees the collapsing building where an outside crowd cheers them. They return to their hotel where they explain their adventure to Oscar Wilde.

Synopsis == The party flee from the crumbling building. Bertie suggests that they go to get Zolf's legs which Zolf begrudgingly agrees to. 

Bertie runs to Zolf's room throughout the collapsing building. Grabbing Zolf's legs, he attempts to return but is thrown by an explosion, hurting both him and Brutor. He flees up a flooding stairwell back towards the surface.

Sasha, Zolf and Hamid emerge into L'Arc De Triumph [is this correct? Alex mentions going back here, but that should be the hotel.] where a very organised evacuation is occurring. After Sasha has left Zolf with Hamid outside, she returns inside to help Bertie. She sees Brock running down a side corridor and follows, but loses him around a corner. She screams his name and looks around for him frantically. As she returns, she sees Bertie emerging from the stairway which collapses behind him. They run outside to rejoin the rest of the party.

Outside, the gathered crowd cheers The Rangers as a huge crack forces itself up L'Arc De Triumph. Sasha leaps back over the cracked floor towards the building where she last saw Brock. The floor crumbles under Sasha but Zolf casts 'Stepping Stone' under her. She plumet downwards, landing gently to the end of a giant chasm. Hamid throws a rope down to Sasha, which she climbs up after whispering "I'm sorry, again". Some of the Apollo Paladins help lift Sasha up, and lift the rest of the party onto their shoulders.

The party head over to Oscar Wilde, who starts to organise the relief effort. The Rangers head back to their hotel and Oscar Wilde brings them back into the magic-proof room. Oscar explains that he is The Ranger's handler and was able to scry where they were. He sent Bertie to where they were last detected. The Rangers bring Oscar up to speed with what they have found and asks him to look for other Ordinators under other large financial institutions. Oscar Wilde leaves the room and Bertie tells him that the Meritocrat Ballas Moc is dead. Sasha asks if anyone could have made it out of the building, but Zolf and Hamid say that Brock couldn't have gotten out and Zolf gets hostile, saying that he didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

Back in the presidential suite, the party overhears a crowd outside chanting "Rangers!"

Fleeing Breakdown Edit

Hamid casts 'Shield' on Bertie and suggests that they flee. 

Zolf casts 'Shield of Faith' on Sasha.

Bertie and Hamid flee out into the corridor.

Pieces of shrapnel graze Sasha and Zolf.

Hamid runs.

Zolf converts 'Divine Favor' into 'Cure Light Wounds' and casts it on Sasha.

Bertie is his by a brain covered shard of glass.

Sasha continues to wheel Zolf out.

Hamid gets struck by falling masonary.

Zolf casts 'Guidance' on Sasha.

Bertie dodges out of the way of rubble.