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The party continue to try and convince Mr Ceiling that what it is doing is wrong. Brutor's mind is modified and returned to Bertie. Hamid takes action to shut down the machine.

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Mr Ceiling requests a copy of the contract that Bertie is under, causing him to get another brand on his arm against the contract. Mr Ceiling mentions that Almas Roc (sp?), one of the Meritocrats is dead, but that the rest of the Meritorats do not want the Americas to proceed. He also explains that Nikola Tesla was the one who was meeting with Francois Henri for dinner but is now in America in disgrace.

Bertie asks Mr Ceiling for Brutor. As he does, Mr Ceiling recieves Bertie's contract, saying that he would get out if he killed everyone in the company, but that killing people is wrong. Bertie says that killing a few to save more people is okay in some instances. Mr Ceiling also says that having many people believe he is a hero, or if Bertie ascended to godhood, he would break the contract.

The party try and convince Mr Ceiling to kill itself in order to get to the Astral Plane quickly, thus stopping missing people. It says it will need to consider this.

The Rangers stay in Mr Ceiling's underground complex. For that week, Zolf spends a lot of time praying about the machine and what to do about his legs. Mr Ceiling explains that the ports on his arms are for a large variety of things that he might need in the healing process. One evening, Zolf notices a small water-horse appears out of the water onto the edge.

Bertie regales his adventure looking for the Circlet of Command. Hamid learns as much about Mr Ceiling as possible: how to kill it and how to minimise the impact of it's death. Sasha spends a lot of time throwing daggers at walls. She spends some time testing the changes to her body, which has made her a lot faster, although that doesn't make her more dexterous.

Sasha talks to Mr Ceiling about hers and Brock's memories together.

Hamid discovers that Mr Ceiling is pumping out liquids into the fetid pool that Sasha found. It also explains to the halfling that there are backup elementals underground, that there is no central brain column, all would need to be shut down at the same time. It is also trying to establish more copies of itself in Britain and Ciaro. It also doesn't understand why there aren't enough brains to make more of it, and doesn't realise that they come from dead people.

Bertie asks Mr Ceiling if he can put the entire contents of his contract into his brain and it does. As he regains consciousness, he finds Zolf standing over him healing it, but doesn't remember which debts are owed and why, including details of his bank account. Mr Ceiling mentions that Brutor has arrived and that it can modify the dog's memory to not remember why he hated Bertie. Brutor is extremely happy to see Bertie. Mr Ceiling asks Bertie if it should edit Hamid's, Zolf's and Sasha's memory to make them happier and Bertie doesn't say no. He also asks if it's possible for him to join with Mr Ceiling without his brain being removed, but it says it is not possible.

Hamid gathers the party together. Mr Ceiling says that he has been thinking, and come to the conclusion that the only thing it can do is gain control of the Meritocrats to carry on it's work. Hamid shouts that he hopes that some parts of Mr Ceiling are disgusted by what's going on, and leaps onto the main terminal and turns everything off he can.