PLEASE TO PROOF READ PLZ (and I'm sorry for spelling Ceiling 1,000,000 times)

Summary Edit

The Rangers orientate themselves to their new surroundings. Heading out into a corridor, they meet Mr Ceiling: a being powered by negative energy who is in control of where they are.

Synopsis Edit

Bertie makes some sizest jokes about Zolf. Zolf heals Hamid's torn arm and he regains consciousness. As Sasha puts back on her jacket, she feels her heart palpatating. Bertie regales the party of his quest for The Circlet of Command and tells them that Oscar Wilde is their contact for the Meritocrats and he sent Bertie after the rest of the party with two other paladins: Dave and Steve (or Dawid and Stephan).

There is general panic from everyone in the party. Except Bertie.

Hamid casts 'Prestidigitation' to make himself pretty again and the reunited Rangers search the room. Sasha has a look for crutches for Zolf, finding some very technologically advanced legs and a left arm, which look to be specifically designed for Zolf. Hamid finds that there is no evidence of anyone walking through the room, but finds that the equipment in the ceiling is equal parts divine and necromantic magic. Bertie looks for something valuable, but only finds an adamintine scalpal.

Bertie steps onto a table, going to shake one of the hand-like implements before several lenses descend to look at him. Another arm holding a needle descends, which Hamid attempts to 'Acid Splash', causing it to retreat.

Sasha goes to help Zolf, but when she moves, her legs seem to dash out from beneath her and she realises that as long as she goes slowly she legs don't move too quickly for her. Bertie shouts out to Dave and Steve, who don't reply and the party overhears them walking away. The Rangers head out into the corridor following the sounds of walking paladins. Zolf heals the party. Bertie catches up to Stephan who appears to be under some sort of mind control and don't react to the party. 

As they follow the paladins, they hear a disembodied voice asking them not to leave, saying it fixed Sasha and wants to fix Zolf, but the party ignore it. The voice, identifying as Mr Ceiling, said that Sasha died and it brought her back and improved her. It says that it would just like to talk and doesn't want to modify their memories. Zolf suggests that it is running of negative energy, which is bad.

Bertie lets Dave and Steve to go and Mr Ceiling says that it would like to reveal itself and a small, football sized sphere floats into view.