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Hamid, Zolf and Sasha find that Amelie Rose isn’t living in her flat. They head to her mother’s house, who gives the party Amelie’s findings on Francois Henri(sp?), Jacque Pyashay (sp?) and Seline Souche (sp?). All the leads point to the catacombs beneath Notre Dame, so the party head there.

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The Rangers (minus Bertie) return to the hotel from the station. Hamid and Zolf wonder if there's some sort of mind control or memory altering going on with Francois Henri. Prompted by something Oscar Wilde said, Hamid looks for news stories about his family where he reads that there are problems with the Al Tahan branches in Cairo. Zolf finds a favourable article about Bertie. The storms have subsided in Dover and there are more riots in Under London. The party wonder if other banks ran by Le Ordinators are affected.

They decide to go to Amelie Rose's flat, which is occupied by the Johnson family. When Hamid buzzes in, an ex-miner man from America comes out and gives them a forwarding address for Amelie and gives Zolf a strong drink in the name of hospitality. The forwarding address is the same as Amelie's mother and the party head in that direction.

They arrive at Amelie's mother's house in the country. Madame Rose says that they're not the first people asking after Amelie. Hamid explains that they're looking for Amelie in connection with Le Ordinators and the bombing at Eddison's House. Madame Rose invites them inside, who has had letters from Amelie, but suspects that she is dead. Hamid explains that they suspect someone is modifying memories and affecting the banking system.

Zolf casts ‘Learned Truth’ (?) on the party to show that they are trustworthy and Madame Rose gives them a box of paperwork with a list of details about Jean-Luc Bolio, who contacted Amelie, left for London and worked on developing Ordinators for London. Paulette Loop worked in the catacombs and then moved to a dig in the Russian wastes. Seline Souche is the grounds women for Notre Dame who had an affair with Jacque Pyashay, who was a delivery driver and the two moved to India. Vivian Mesure works in hydraulics and is now working in Japan on fluidic systems. Francois Henri is obsessive and no one can get in contact with him, although Amelie is planning to confront Francois.

Madame Rose explains that a lot of work on the catacombs of Paris is being diverted and people working on them have been given their dream jobs out of nowhere. Madame Rose gives Hamid a letter from Amelie, which says this is her last real letter: any other letters from her could be false.

The party decides to head to an archaeological dig near Notre Dame and from there into the catacombs.