Summary Edit

Arsonists interrupt the auction of The Simulacrum and the party saves the ambassadors whilst Sasha chases down the arsonists.

Synopsis Edit

Lord Edison steps onto the stage in the mansion's Music Room and two guards push on a large cart behind him. Lord Edison makes a rambling speech, welcoming people and explaining that he's here to sell something that will be the next huge step forward in technology: the Simulacrum. It is a ten-foot-tall humanoid, made out of burnished metals with whorls and various cables. Sasha notices white metal on the joints which she recognises.

Byron drunkenly says hello to the Simulacrum as Edison turns it on. Edison explains that this is the nearest approximation to a person and it can perform any task, including creating more of itself. He initiates the bidding process, which starts at 700 White Gold from the Japanese representative, equivalent to thousands of people's yearly salary. After a long bidding process, the final bidding is between the Japanese delegates and the deputy prime minister. During the bidding, the waiters are making their way to the stage. Zolf notices one of them getting something about of their jacket. The waiter shouts "NOW NOW NOW!" And Zolf throws an icicle, but too late, as there is a huge explosion and the party is knocked down.

Byron has been knocked unconscious and Colgate is tending to him and various diplomats are trapped behind a patch-of-fire-that-is-quite-high-almost-wall-height. The ceiling is collapsing and three waiters are on the stage, standing over the dead auctioneer. One holding a short sword and another holding a flask. Eddison is dead, and one of the waiters is doing something to the corpse, next to a large hole.

Combat ensues, where the party engages the waiters and Zolf makes a floating disk for the diplomats to use to escape down into a wine cellar. The man riffling through Eddison's corpse finds a folder of papers and jumps down the hole.

Combat Breakdown Edit

Hamid stands up and steps towards the stage.

The waiter with the flask sees Hamid and throws his flask at Hamid, burning him.

Bertie stands up, draws his sword and steps up to the waiter with the sword.

The waiter who was doing something to Eddison stands up, holding a thick folder of papers and drops down the hole.

The waiter with the sword swings at Bertie, missing.

Zolf stands up and walks towards the stage, drawing his sword.

Sasha draws her daggers and bounds towards the stage.

The diplomats in the corner shout for help.

Hamid casts Magic Missile on the flask wielding waiter.

The waiter with the flasks throws another at Hamid, dealing a small amount of damage.

Bertie swings at the waiter with the sword and misses.

The waiter in the hole does something

The waiter nearest to Bertie swings at him, missing.

Zolf notices that one of the craters leads to a wine cellar, he shouts for the diplomats to go down there and Zolf makes them a floating disk.

Sasha throws a dagger at the waiter with the flasks, missing.

The diplomats move towards the floating disks.