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Hamid goes on a date with Madeline, who tells him that Francois Henri has been going into and out of L'Arc De Triumph, but has spoken to no one. When Hamid returns, he finds Oscar Wilde, who tells the halfling that Bertie is buying a train ticket away from Paris. The rest of the party head to the station and Hamid is in time to see Bertie leaving on a train.

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Sasha riffles through the safe in the old Gazette Cor building, finding some silver and Amelie Rose's address and her next of kin, as well as the editor's address, August Lumiere whose address is the building they are in.

The Rangers, with a very mute Bertie, heads back to their hotel. Hamid prepears for his date with Madeline, the receptionist from L'Arc De Triumph and Zolf recieves a telegram from Lady Starling which just says "REPORT STOP LADY STARLING STOP", to which he replies.

At the date, Hamid tries to get some information out of the lady about Francois Henri. She explains that everyone at L'Arc De Triumph has changed: people are less talkative and some of the higher ups have gone missing. She has seen Fancois Henri, but he doesn't have meetings but replies to written communication. Other higher ups within Le Ordinators have left for other amazing opportunities, like the editor of Gazette Cor described with his members of staff. Although the evening is pleasant, they do not click.

When Hamid returns to the hotel he finds Oscar Wilde, who asks to meet with the rest of The Rangers and Hamid books a conference room for the two of them, Sasha and Zolf. Zolf promptly dumps several buckets of water over him, threatening to kill him if he writes another article about them. The two of them almost start to fight, but Oscar said that he wanted to explain to the party that Bertie is planning to leave them via train from the central Station.

Hamid, Sasha and Zolf head to Parisian Central. Hamid and Zolf see Bertie stepping aboard a train. Although Hamid chases the train down, Bertie doesn't look at him.