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Two gnomes from Harkness, Harkness, Darkness and Sphinx explain to Bertie that he has one mark against his contract for entering the Magically protected room and that the requirements on the contract have increased. The party head to L'Arch De Ordinators, where Sasha sneaks off. In Francois Henri's office, her memory is modified.

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The two gnomes step into The Ranger's room, dismissing the party's servants. The gnomes say that Bertie is exempt from the non-communication clause whilst in this room. The gnomes explain that if The Rangers talk about the curse, Bertie will be punished. They explain that, due to the trapped passengers in the train, the poor publicity, and communicating with other people about the contract, Bertie has one mark against his contract. When he has three, there will be repercussions. I addition, the repayment of the contract, in the form of helping 'the greater good', have increased. Sasha throws a lobster claw at the gnomes, which stops in mid air and bursts into flame. The two of them leave the room.

Bertie attempts to leave to go hunting evil for repaying the contract, but Hamid casts 'Sleep' on him and the rest of the party tuck him into his bed. The rest of the party sleep, except Sasha who heads up to the roof and broods and ends up meeting the grotesques, who teach her how to travel around Paris. She sleeps on the roof.

The next morning, Hamid gets a reply from Francois Henri, saying that he is not available. The Rangers head to L'Arch De Ordinator, and ask the gnomish receptionist for Francois Henri and if they can schedule a meeting with him. She informs them that Francois is busy all day. Hamid tries to charm the gnome, who says no one has seen him in months. They ask if they could get a tour of the building, which they schedule for that afternoon. Hamid suggests that his cousin saw a talk from Dr Jean-Luc Bolia (the ordinatist on Brock's list), and Hamid would like to meet him. The receptionist says that he left the institute 6 months ago, but that Amelie Rose asked after him recently and Hamid manages to wrangle her contact details.

That afternoon, The Rangers return to L'Arch De Ordinator for their tour. Hamid asks some questions to Dr Picard, one of the ordinatists, who gives Hamid his business card. Hamid casts 'Message' on Sasha who sneaks off to try and find Francois, sneaking well. She arrives at Francois' office, she critically fails at listening through the door. The bell is rung and she hears someone saying "Hello?", the doors open and she introduces herself.

The Rangers on the tour are shown the principles behind an Ordinator. They leave, Hamid asks the receptionist out for dinner. The Rangers find Sasha outside, who remembers that she met Francois and they had a good chat. Hamid casts 'Detect Magic', which suggests that she has had her memory modified.