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The Rangers go into a magic-proof room, where Bertie tells them of his contract with Harkness, Harkness, Darkness and Sphinx. The party open the envelope from Brock which gives details of 7 people.

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A mechanical man arrives and Sasha hands it Brutor, who is very dignified. The Rangers agree that they need to discuss what's going on, but that Barret's ring might be listening. The receptionist suggests that they have a magically sealed room if they want a private conversation.

The party head up to the Presidential suite which is emmaculate with exquisite views with banquet set up. The party are attended to by various servants and have their ever need seen to.

Later, they are guided down to a magically sealed room: which has been sealed from all magic. Bertie is very keen and ushers the party inside.

Sasha goes to open the envelope, but Bertie explodes that he is under a curse from Harkness, Harkness, Darkness & Sphinx: he must be a valiant knight at all times to pay off the McGuffingham's crippling financial debt. Whenever he talks about the curse, it sets him deeper in debt, as does doing 'un-knightly' things. Should he die, he will be sent to a horrible poo-fire filled dimension, or something.

Sasha realises that Bertie only helped her to begin with because of the curse, although Zolf and Hamid didn't. Zolf explains that he really doesn't care about Bertie's situation, although agrees that he would help him, as would Sasha and Hamid.

Sasha opens the envolope from Brock, which contains a list of names:

* Dr Jean-Luc Bolia - Ordinatist

* Miss Amelie Rose - Investigative reporter

* Dr Paulette Loop - Archeologist

* Selene Suchet - church grounds women

* Jacques Piajay - delivery driver 

* Vivian Measure - hydraulics engineer

* Francois Henri - director of academy d'ordinator

Sasha considers that they might all be involved in making The Simulacrum. The decide to send Francois Henri a message saying they will call on him tomorrow. The Rangers step out of the magically sealed room, Bertie screams in pain as there is a searing pain on his left forearm. Pulling the gauntlet off, he sees a symbol or brand burned into his skin: a pair of interlocked rings in a square: the symbol of Harkness, Harkness, Darkness and Sphinx. The man who guided them to the room arrives asking if he can help, and Hamid takes him aside asking him to forget what he saw.

The Rangers return to their room where they eat. There is another knock at the door, behind which are two well dressed gnomes. They say "It's time" "we talked."