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The Rangers leave Calais and arrive in Paris, where they are lead to Le Truimph, the most expensive hotel in Paris, which has been held by Brock for Sasha forever.

Synopsis == Doris leaves Zolf and Sasha as they head to the hotel Sé. Joining Bertie and Hamid, both parties regale their stories to each other. The next morning, the party reads the papers where Oscar Wilde has written an article exaggerating The Rangers and their party, especially painting Bertie as a dim softie with a picture of Bertie in his underwear with a feather boa. Bertie, smashing a table, vows to murder Wilde although the party tries to dissuade him.

The party head through Calais, seeing lots of automated robots and carriages. The Rangers get onto a train and discuss the plan: 

* Sasha is looking for Brock.

* Deliver the package from the curator of the British Museum.

* Find Francois Henri, who may have built the Simulacrum.

The party marvels at Paris as they enter the city. As they get off the train, they see an extremely sleek and expensive looking mechanical man holding a sign with the name 'Sasha Racket' on it. When she approaches the machine, it shows another sign saying 'You are cordially invited to Le Triumph', which Bertie critically knows is the most expensive hotel in Paris, situated near the Arch De Le Ordinators. Although Sasha is reluctant, the party is guided by the mechanical man to Chantelise and to the hotel. The receptionist becomes extremely formal and hands Sasha an envelope, which has a typed note, saying 'Dear Sasha, I thought you'd like this. Brock'. Inside is a receipt for the Presidential suite which is held for Sasha in perpetuity.