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Now in France, Zolf, Sasha and Hamid hitch a lift with two drunkern women. The one carrying Hamid arrives first. Bertie battles the beurocracy of the French train system, and manages to get to the most expensive hotel in Calais, Sé, at the same time as Hamid. The halfing allows his university friend into the hotel first.

Synopsis ==

The Ex-Nautical Rangers Edit

Zolf pushes the driftwood boat back out to sea. Using a compass, he realises that they are south of Calais. Sasha manages to communicate with a French local and they head into a tavern. Inside, two loud and drunken English speaking ladies are at the bar who Hamid immediately befriends. They convince the two of them to take them to Calais and the five of them speed off to the city. The car with Sasha and Zolf in skids off the road, leaving Hamid to speed off towards Calais. Zolf and Sasha hitch a ride with Doris before Hamid crashes and arrives nearby Sé and finds Bertie.

Bertie and Brutor's Bracing Battle against Bureaucracy Edit

Bertie, covered in grime from the tunnels, grabs a key from the fainted guard and unlocks the gate. All the French civilians descend into panic and Bertie equips his armour. The French police arrive with riot shields, Bertie explains about the stranded train and the head of the police heads off. Later, Bertie has been taken aside by a customs officer who gets his story, who is willing to let Bertie go if he can provide a ticket, which he does not have. The customs officer agrees to contact the ticket officer in Dover and asks for Bertie's contact number. Bertie gets a cab to the most expensive hotel in Calais: Sé or The Chest (sp?). He carries a halfling on the way to guide him, causing the surrounding Parisians to laugh at him. He arrives at the hotel at the same time as Hamid, who graciously allows him to enter the hotel first.