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Hamid, Sasha and Zolf head across the ocean towards Calaise whilst Bertie traverses the channel tunnel.

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The Sea Faring Rangers Edit

In the eye of the storm, Sasha and Zolf climb onto the ship and the party is able to right the ship. They leave the eye of the storm and head out towards France. The sea becomes rougher than it was earlier and Sasha spots something in the water: there is something huge under the water. There is an enormous roar and Zolf finally sees the tip of a metallic tentacle swim away from them. The party continues to row across the ocean, after 3 hours the storm calms and they power on across the ocean. Eventually, Hamid spots the coast and they row towards the beach and collapse onto the sand. Hamid sets up the tents as Zolf hunts for wood for a fire, stumbling onto his Trident that he previously threw into the ocean.

The Bertie and Brutor Conglomerate Edit

The driver of the train gives Bertie a cable to place outside the train on the breakers to stop anything in front of the train from being electrocuted. He brings the cable around to the back of the train and throws it outside. The other passengers leave the train and Bertie suggests they all stay on the station, saying he and Campbell will head off to Calais. As they continue the water in the tunnel gets deeper and Campbell turns back. Critically misunderstanding his surroundings, he heads up into a service tunnel and starts to explore, but gets lost despite using a rope and chalks to navigate. Eventually Brutor guides him through the tunnel back to the service tunnel, wasting two and a half hours. After another few hours he starts to see more used tunnels. He emerges in France, where the crowd mistake him for a creature from the abyss and panic.