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Zolf is brought before the Navigator of the Temple of Poseidon and told he needs to consider how he praises his god. Bertie bets that he can get to Calais on the train before Zolf, Sasha and Hamid get there by boat and they all head off to France.

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In the Temple of Poseidon, The Rangers enter a huge antechamber with a huge waterfall in the middle which flows into a hole with chairs around it. An Aquin guard, who is one step above Zolf in the church, leads them down to the pool where the two of them step down into the water which recedes from Zolf as he descends.

The Navigator sits below the pool surrounded by other patrons of the Temple. They explain that they believe Zolf is becoming too obsessed with money and have been taking his powers for granted. This has caused him to fall out of favour with the Sea God and that the dedication of the self is more important than sacrificing others. He suggests that a show of his belief is in order: firstly Zolf must stop sacrificing people as it is not the entirety of the belief system. Secondly, he must assist the Temple of Poseidon with looking into the ongoing storms which are happening around the globe. The Navigator has also provided a ship for their travel to Paris.

Zolf returns to the party. The party heads down into an outer cave where the sea is crashing around the cave. They are lead to a one-man boat with a small sail and oars. This is the ceremonial raft for this Temple, which the Temple would not just throw away. Bertie decides that he's going to head off to the train, whilst Hamid and Sasha agree to take the boat with Zolf. Before leaving, Hamid suggests they meet at the best hotel in Calais. Bertie and Zolf make a bet about who will arrive at France first: if Bertie wins, Zolf pays him 200 gold; if Zolf wins, Bertie must be silent for 3 days.

Zolf navigates the ship through the cave and out into the stormy sea. Sasha is critically not-sea-sick but Hamid is very ill as they head off across the relentless sea.

Bertie speeds off towards Dover, where some of the locals are being evacuated. On the way, the police ask Bertie to help assist them evacuating people, which he does by shouting people out of their homes, but fails to convince anyone.

The driftwood boat is being thrashed around by the storm. Sasha ties some of the ropes more strongly around the boat, but the storm doesn't let up. Sasha goes to tie Hamid down, but she is blown off the boat.