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Zolf goes to jail as the rest of the party investigate how to get him off his charges.

Synopsis Edit

The Rangers and the naval police, head out into the rain which is starting to flood the drainage system and head to the olde-worlde jail. Zolf hands Sasha his trident before being lead to a holding cell where the rest of the party claim to be his legal team. Zolf is strip searched as the rest of The Rangers head to La Rochelle, a fancy local hotel, where Hamid pays up front.

Later at the jail, Zolf is lead into the consoltation room, where he meets with Hamid and Bertie who give him legal advice. The elder policeman discusses Sasha's jacket with her. Zolf explains that after nearly dying when his ship sank he went to join some pirates. The elder policeman tries to convince Sasha to join the police force. Hamid decides to ask Barnes for the legal papers to prepare a case as well as find out how much the commission would cost. The elder policeman is showing off his equipment to Sasha. As Hamid and Bertie leave the room, Sasha palms a rusty key from the jailor's key chain. The elder policemen leads Zolf away to the holding cell and offers him a romantic novel to leave.

Sasha asks Barret's ring if he has any corrupt coppers in Dover. Hamid heads to the post office, asking for legal books from his lawyers. Hamid and Sasha return to the Officer's Mess as Bertie returns to the hotel. Bertie announces Brutor as his son and asks for replacement clothes for him. Zolf reads the romantic novel in prison. Barnes meets with Hamid and Sasha at the Mess, where Hamid asks him for more details about the legal case. The commander tells them that the commission would be around 5,000 gold and that he wasn't declared dead. The ship crashed off the shore of Norway, they are all missing in action.

Back at the hotel, Bertie attempts to train Brutor, who is now wearing an admiral's outfit. At the prison, Zolf has finished his book and the elder gentleman reveals that he has a whole collection of books by 'Harrison Campbell'. Sasha practices with the throwing knives and Barnes leads her outside to a yard, he tries to start a new conversation several times, failing. 

Hamid sneaks a bottle of brandy to Zolf, explaining that there were three survivors: 'Jonah', 'Teyulah'(sp?) and 'Captain Sayell'(sp?) although the latter has retired. Hamid sneaks Zolf the brandy and disappears in a poof of magic.

Sasha, after throwing all her daggers and practicing with them, returns to the hotel, escorted by Barnes. Barnes says that he thinks Sasha has fallen into bad company, but Sasha disagrees. Hamid orders the party, minus Zolf, a delicious meal back at the hotel.