Summary Edit

A riot breaks out in Dover, which Bertie calms by shouting really loudly.

Synopsis Edit

The party head down to the White Cliffs of Dover which have been carved into Poseidon's face and forms the Temple of Poseidon. They approach the guards and Zolf decides that he will just make things worse. Sasha notices that the mob are getting more rowdy and it may be about to escalate. Hamid charms the crowd, whilst Bertie intimidates them. This doesn't help too much and someone throws a stone at the guard. Hamid moves through the crowd and casts 'Prestidigitation' on the man who threw the stone, making their clothes glow in the dark. Bertie terrifies several people in the crowd and has something thrown at him. Sasha melts through the crowd to Hamid, grabbing the halfling and trying to drag him out of the mob.

Hamid causes sparks to appear to distract the crowd and Zolf casts 'Obscuring Mists' across the crowd but it doesn't stop the mob getting rowdier. Sasha loses Hamid in the crowd and someone throws a rock at Bertie's head. Hamid and Sasha try and get to each other as Zolf gets out of the crowd. Bertie attacks a few of the men before shouting at the crowd to sit down, critically intimidating them to sit down.

The head guard beckons Bertie over and shakes his hand, giving him a reward. The Rangers indicate the rabble rousers who are arrested. The head guard notices they are The Rangers, recognising them from the Other London escapade. They are lead back to the Officer's Mess.

Combat Breakdown Edit

Bertie attacks the man who threw the stone at him.

Hamid heads towards one of the people glowing in the dark.

Zolf lights a torch and heads out of the crowd.

Sasha shouts for Hamid, but just attracts someone from the crowd, but she escapes him.

Bertie swings again at the man, dealing a large amount of damage on him.

Hamid casts 'Charm Person' on the glow in the dark man, failing.

The glow in the dark man clobbers Hamid, dealing a small amount of damage.

Zolf runs backwards shouting "there's a way out over here!"

Sasha looks for Hamid, finding him but unable to get to him. 

The man who Bertie hit tries to get away, but fails.

Zolf sees naval police arriving from the outside.

Bertie moves towards the front of the crowd, ploughing through the mob.

Hamid tries to get to Sasha, but struggles.

Someone swings at Hamid, missing.

Zolf puts out his torch. 

Sasha finds Hamid and gets to him.

The naval guards don't let anyone leave but tell them to calm down.

Bertie critically intimidates the whole riot to stop them fighting.