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Oscar Wilde meets with the party, and he and Bertie spend a romantic evening together. Afterwards, the party head to a very stormy Dover.

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Mendelev gives The Rangers Fredrick's expedition funds to the party as thanks. Hamid talks to a reporter about the events of the day. Sasha finds that the value of the gold in the chest is about 1,700 gold, including a gem that's worth 1,000 gold.

The party considers the best way to get to Paris: a coach to Dover, then either by ship or by underwater train. The party head to the bank and deposit their reward from Mendelev, Bertie heads to a church to get healed before the party heads back to Hamid's to relax. They they arrive, Hamid finds his front door open with Oscar Wilde lounging on a chair. He seems to know the party and their adventures, but he asks about more details of their escapades. Despite Sasha threatening him, and Bertie outrageously flirting with the man, Wilde agrees to have a one-to-one interview with Bertie later that day, handing him his business card. Zolf says he will drown Wilde if he reveals anything that shouldn't be. Wilde bops Zolf on the nose, which Zolf responds with a headbutt, causing Bertie to punch Zolf in the face, knocking him out. Wilde leaves. Zolf and Hamid argue about the morality of their actions and accepting bribes. 

Bertie and Wilde have their 'interview'. The next morning, Bertie returns to Hamid's apartment and they head off to Dover on the train. They head to their own first class compartment. Sasha gets hammered on free wine, before feeling queasy about the motion of the train. The nearer to Dover they get, the worse the weather gets, to the point where Dover is essentially in a storm. The party decide to get the channel tunnel, rather than a ship. The party heads into the 'Soggy Admiral', which has many merchant owners of vessels who are complaining about the Cult of Poseidon. Zolf confronts the merchant owners, who complains that the harbour has been closed for 2 days due to this storm, and has been closed regularly over this month. They start arguing, Zolf throws a glass of water over the merchant. As Zolf braces, Bertie stands between the two. The dwarf explains that they were going to help, and Bertie terrifies the man into submission.

Later, they leave and Zolf decides to head to the local Temple of Poseidon. There is a mob on the beach being held back by guards, and Hamid catches a glimpse of someone who looks like Barret.