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The search for Mendelev continues under Kew Mansion. They find various hostile plants and undead, spore filled zombies guarding the way.

Synopsis Edit

Sasha hears the scrapping further into the room and sees a shambling form. She heads into the room and sneaks after the figure. In that room she hears another scraping, sees tentacles, sees the fungus and decides to retreat. Bertie suggests they retreat but Zolf shoots him down, saying he is Bertie's boss and they're not retreating. Sasha hears a dragging noise approaching from that room and a low moan. Looking through the crack in the door, Sasha sees a humanoid figure approaching. As it gets nearer, she sees the creature: something that was once a human wearing a lab coat but is now covered in growths, picking up dead creatures from the swarm. Bertie bursts through the door, shouting "Hello!", the creature drops what it was carrying and charges at the party.

After their tiff, Zolf swings at the creature, missing, but Bertie destroys it, all the while glaring at Bertie. Zolf flings the head of the creature at a wall, where it cracks like an egg, releasing spores.

Sasha looks through the lab coat, which has fused with the flesh. In the breast pocket is a wallet with the name 'Fredick Holson': the man who originally came downstairs. 

As Bertie considers who to heal with his potion, Hamid or Brutor, Zolf slaps Brutor away from him and the huge armoured man heals his childhood friend. Zolf realises that Brutor isn't dead and stabalises him. Bertie heals him, dispite Zolf's instructions not to.

The party head into another room filled with filing cabinets, where Hamid hears a tapping, most likely 'SOS' in morse code. Sasha taps out a tune, and hears a tapping spelling out something in morse code that the party don't understand. They follow the pipe which is tapping. Eventually they find a door that has been broken down with a table in front of it which has been destroyed, the pipe leads into this room. Bertie power attacks the table and smashes it to pieces, revealing more furniture blocking the shattered door. Bertie starts to shift the debris, revealing a toilet covered in blood and a body hidden behind a sink, a broken vent is also present in the room. Poised to attack, he nudges the body, seeing a corpse covered in the fungus surrounded by dead swarm creatures. A name badge identifies this man as 'Jason O'Connor'. Sasha spots that the pipe goes through the room down another corridor, they enter another room and prepare for combat. They find that the pipe goes into three different containers. Hamid taps on the first one, where several tiny things with red legs swarm. The second container contains a fern that brushes against the glass as Hamid taps. As they approach the last one, they see steam escaping from the back where Bertie finds a 5 foot hole in the back of the container. Hamid taps on the glass and a human hand presses itself against the container. 

Combat Breakdown Edit

Zolf steps back and stabs at the creature with his trident.

Bertie raises his shield and impales the creature, killing it.