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The Rangers encounter Figgis pretending to be Byron to get into his vault at the Al Tahan bank in London. Sasha chases him down.

Synopsis Edit

The Rangers head to the largest bank in the area. When Hamid starts throwing his name around the bankers treat the party very well and they speak to the manager about the safety deposit key. Hamid explains that the key was given to him by a friend who asked him to retrieve the items therein, but the manager is wary. He goes to check up on Hamid and Bertie's story, but pops back briefly to leave a safety deposit box with the party. The key doesn't work, but paperwork on his desk suggests that the box is for Hamid to be given to him on his birthday.

The manager says they need to take the key back into the bank's possession. Bertie terrifies the manager and he hands Hamid documentation to wieve the rules of the bank forcing the bank to take the key back. 

The manager charges out to greet another VIP guest. The party hears someone claiming to be Byron but clearly isn't. Not-Byron flees and is pursued by the party with varying degrees of success. Eventually Sasha takes him down and escorts him back to the bank.

Back at the bank, Not-Byron clearly knows Bertie and Hamid removes the fake hair from Not-Byron, revealing him to be Figgis and the police take him away. They find Zolf quite drunk. Hamid opens the safety deposit box with the bank manager which should have been given to him on his birthday. Inside the box there is a note: "Our dearest son, we know that you have some troubles but you know it means so much to us that you stick at your studies, even through all of the problems. We love you very much, Mother and Father." The other item in the box is 'Sleeves of Many Garments', so he can change his clothes to anything at will. The party head off for dinner.

Combat Breakdown Edit

Not-Byron charges out of the bank and head towards a carriage

Bertie persues

Sasha charges after Not-Byron

Hamid leaves the bank and casts 'Acid Splash' on the carriage's wheel

Zolf picks up the whiskeys in the room and enjoys them

Not-Byron throws the driver from the carriage and starts to move the vehicle away

Bertie sprints for the carriage and leaps on it, failing and falls to the floor

Sasha leaps off Bertie's back onto the carriage

Hamid leaps into another carriage and shouts "Follow that carriage!"

Zolf continues enjoying the whiskey

Bertie attempts to jump on Hamid's carriage but stumbles again

Not-Byron continues to flee on the carriage.

Sasha attempts to get into the carriage but is hit by a lampost dealing a small amount of damage.

Hamid's carriage continues to chase down Not-Byron

Zolf looks for more whiskey

Not-Byron leaps off the moving carriage onto another one

Bertie starts to haggle for a carriage

Sasha leaps from the moving carriage, which crashes

Hamid sees Not-Byron on another carriage going the opposite direction

Zolf finds more whiskey and heads back to the meeting room

Not-Byron jumps into the car

Sasha jumps onto the carriage and sees Not-Byron, who surrenders