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The party recover from the trap before returning to Upper London. They take Guy to Haringay, revealing his true identity...

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Zolf runs to the now exploded hut that Sasha was in, failing to find her. He puts the fire out with magic water and eventually, he finds an extremely battered Sasha 40 foot from the door she had slammed shut earlier. He immediately casts 'Stabalise' on her to make sure she doesn't die. Casting 'Channel Energy' does not have much of an effect on her, but he attempts to heal her without magic.

Meanwhile, Bertie goes to retrieve Brutor from the crumbled church. The dog then proceeds towards the now crumbled Vicarage which contains Hamid.

Sasha is still unconscious, even after Zolf's help. He takes his Healing Potion and finally revives Sasha who has a new burned scar on her neck. Bertie, hunting for Hamid, burrows through the rubble of the church. Zolf and Sasha arrive to assist him. Together, the party free the bruised and damaged Hamid.

The extremely wounded Guy is crawling away, but Sasha was able to locate him. Zolf ties the man up, who Bertie picks up, and they all head off to Upper London. As they leave the devastation they (apart from Bertie) notice a mob of people approaching. The party hides as the mob walk past. One member of the mob notices Zolf's peg leg but Hamid emerges from his hiding place to cast Charm Person on him, charming him into returning to the mob.

Sasha decides to return to Upper London the way they came, retrieving more jellies eels en route. They avoid the Rackets terratory, although Sasha notices Ash following them for a short while, but he is stopped. At the frigate elevator, the guard letting them through after Zolf mentions Sergeant Haringay

In the elevator, Hamid looks at the notebook, casting Read Magic to read some magical runes. There are 6 broad sections, although the technical designs aren't in those sections. The book mentions Francois Henri a few times, another section talks about Prague, a safety deposit key with a number on it taped to another page, an origami swan which says "For teaching me not to forget my culture". On the very back page the phrase "And I guess this is it", with a large seed that is the size of a fingernail with a metal-like sheen.

They emerge in Upper London. Bertie notices some the well dressed gnomes on a balcony above. As the party arrive at the police station, Hamid asks they not mention the notebook. They are sent to Haringay, who asks who saw them bring in Guy. Bertie removes his gag and Sasha notices that the moustache, beard and hair are all wigs. Removing them reveals a women with short dirty blonde hair.