Summary Edit

Guy is pinned and Zolf triggers an explosion. Sasha pursues the final remaining arsonist, who says gives her the location of The Notebook. Sasha triggers a huge trap in an adjacent building.

Synopsis Edit

With Guy pinned by Bertie and Sasha, Hamid and Zolf head up the stairs looking for the other man, shouting that their boss is dead. As Zolf opens the door, he hears a trap activate and flings himself down the stairs. There is a huge explosion, covering Sasha and Guy in rubble. Hamid and Zolf retreat as Bertie pulls the unconscious Guy out of the building. Zolf sets fire to part of the building to force the man out before stabilising Guy.

Sasha climbs up the building and just sees the man retreating. As Sasha starts to make chase, the man turns around holding an oil flask. Sasha talks the man down, who says what they want is on the second floor. He explains that Jeremy took the plans and they only have the notebook. He says he won't turn himself in and asks Sasha if she would let him run. She agrees and the man flees. She shouts down to Zolf to put out the fire which he does.

Sasha goes to retrieve the notebook that the man mentioned. She finds a scrapbook and apraises it, confirming that it's a diary-come-scrapnote with an origami swan taped inside and a metal shard (of the same material as the Simulacrum) taped on another page. The notepad also contains sketches of the head of the Simulacrum.

The party search through one of the other huts, although there's nothing that's in the main hut, there's a trapped door which Sasha fails to diffuse. The room is full of vials of Alchemist Fire, which explodes, destroying the hut and dealing a huge amount of damage to Sasha. The church is destroyed and everyone is thrown away from the hut. Zolf rushes off to find Sasha.

Combat Breakdown Edit

Brutor runs in to the church.

Zolf enters the church, raising his sheild.

Sasha waits for Guy to fire.

Hamid waits for something to happen.

Guy flees up the steeple.

The man on the floor sees Sasha above him and casts a spell. Sasha attempts to strike him and Guy fails to cast the spell.

Bertie charges Guy, dealing a good amount of damage.

Hamid cast Magic Missile hitting Guy dealing moderate damage.

Brutor appears over the prone body.

Zolf walks into the church.

Guy surrenders.

Zolf shouts up the stairs that the boss has been killed, and they should come down.

Bertie strikes Guy's hand, failing to pin him.