Summary Edit

The party sneak into the complex containing the arsonists and manage to incapacitate or kill them as their leader, Guy, arrives.

Synopsis Edit

As the party discuss a carefully laid plan, Bertie heads off towards the compound. As the party press themselves up against the wall, Sasha heads off to check for traps. She opens the door to the outer wall, using the key from the guard. Hamid and Sasha see a few buildings on thick wooden struts and a few other buildings and a church. Sasha skirts the wall, looking into the Vicarage which contains 'stuff', as she approaches the church door. Attempting to disable a trap under the steps outside the church, she instead activates it, cracking a Thunderstone alerting those inside the buildings. Sasha throws her own Thunderstone into the church, deafening everyone inside the church.

The party enter the church as the three men involved in the Edison Mansion bombing scramble to defend themselves. Sasha critically trips one down the stairs, Bertie bisects another and Hamid gets a little bit stabbed. The final man, the aforementioned Guy, raises a flask as his associates are horribly murdered.

Combat Breakdown Edit

Someone in the church moves.

Sasha climbs into the church, drawing a vial of fire. She sees a ramshackle first floor with two men stunned and another heading down some stairs.

Hamid draws his crossbow then readies himself to rush into the building when the door is opened by a party member.

Another man runs into the same stairway as the original.

The well dressed man, Guy, darts to the same stairway, Sasha realises that the other two men are the men from Eddison's house.

Bertie charges through the door.

Hamid moves through the door behind Bertie.

Brutor barks.

Zolf moves towards the church entrance.

The first man, weilding a short sword, attacks Bertie, dealing a minimal amount of damage.

Sasha climbs through the window and arrives on the first floor.

Hamid lets go of his crossbow so it drops to his side, casting Magic Missile, but the man nearest to him attacks him and his spell fails.

The other man enters the ground floor via the staircase and draws a flask.

Guy comes down the stairs, but Sasha interupts him, critically attacking causing him to fall down the stairs.

Bertie attacks the man who struck Hamid, bisecting the man.