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The party head further into Other London and help Gragg invite Eel Keesh. The next day, they approach the compound where the arsonists are hiding.

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The party goes further down into Other London where Sasha takes them to an inn called 'The Bloody Bulldog'. A huge barman, Gragg, gives the party 4 x Alcohol which Zolf pays for and Hamid almost vomits. Hamid suggests they are not ready for the mission as they were so easily beaten by Barrett's goons earlier, although Zolf says they're being paid a lot but he wasn't as prepared as he should have been. The party order a variety of Eel based dishes. As Zolf heals the party, Hamid asks the party if they saw his hands turn into claws, which he is able to demonstrate, but they don't know the cause of it. Gragg brings Eel 'keeshes'.

The party retire for the evening, slightly recovering from the earlier battle. The next morning, Sasha looks at the map and sees that they are heading towards the Thames. As they leave Gragg gives them all an eel keesh. They head through Other London and Sasha notes that they are leaving Racket terratory, the party are lead through the next rival's terratory by two men, presumably Racket's men. They are lead below where the flood waters once were. No one lives here, as the party head towards the Thames, which is stagnent and filthy. 

They approach the compound, which backs onto the river, where Barrett indicated the people who were involved with the explosion at Edison's House are. Hamid casts Message on the part as Sasha sneaks into the compound. Hanging back, she sees two guards with dogs on patrol and lights on in the upper floors of other buildings. As Sasha goes to check for a back entrance in the river a dog is alerted to her presence, but she hangs back. Sasha explains to the party that they might be able to sneak in through the river as the guards are hanging around the entrance. The party decides distracting the guards is the best bet, so the party conceals themselves as Hamid approaches the guards, holding two eel pies. He casts Charm on the guards, telling them there's a statue with falcons on it, but fails to affect them. Bertie uses Sasha's disguise kit to disguise himself as a statue, critically succeeding!