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The party meets Barret Rackett: Sasha's uncle(?) and the leader of the Racketts underground Other London gang.

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The remaining men disarms the party as Hamid stops bleeding. Ashen smirks at Sasha, saying she always manages to mess things up and tells her to bring the downed party members with him. Sasha starts to explain to him why she's come down: that Barrett wanted to talk about Brock, although Ashen said he doesn't care. Ashen says that Sasha has an appointment, and leads them down into Other London. As they arrive at their destination, Hamid and Bertie regain consciousness but are still heavily wounded. They continue to descend, Sasha knows they are entering the no-mans land of the Other London gangs and they approach an old Town Hall which is guarded by two men with bull mastiffs.

Sasha asks if Barrett would come out here and tries to convince Ashen that the party don't need to go in, but he doesn't have any of it. An older man walks out onto a balcony of the Town Hall, he is well kept and asks Ashen if there is a problem before asking Sasha to come in. As they go in, Sasha hides a few daggers about her person, but the rest of the party are stripped of their equipment.

Inside is nicely decorated with tapestries and carpets. Ashen leads the party upstairs into an opulent office where Barrett Racket stands behind a fine desk. He rules 6 floors of Other London. Barrett asks why Sasha left, saying that all the messages came back worse than they left. Sasha said he sent her off to Upper London to 'finalise her education', Sasha starts to say that he killed someone, before stopping. Barrett confesses that they went to a house and that they were looking for something. He asks where 'the will' is, but Sasha says that Martev (sp?) didn't tell her anything, and that he was just like Barrett but in a nicer suit. 

Barrett asks Hamid for his surname, but he doesn't respond. He threatens to hurt the rest of the party and Sasha stammers that she will go back to the house and look harder. A 7 foot tall, cloaked figure is called in by Barrett, who leans over to Sasha and asks "Where is the will?" Sasha says she doesn't know, and the figure whispers to Barrett, who says "interesting, I did not expect that."

Barrett says there is still business to be done, pointedly looking at Hamid he says that it would be useful to have help from higher up. Barrett says that he would like to make communications from time to time, producing a copper band ring. Zolf says they don't understand what this means, so Bertie and Hamid shouldn't take it, causing Hamid to silently cry. Barrett said that he will give them information if they take the ring and receive any messages he gives them. Through tears, Hamid Detects Magic on the ring. He sees that Barrett is glowing with magic and that the ring, although not powerful, belongs to the Divination School.

Zolf and Bertie start to talk, but Hamid grabs the ring and puts it on. Barrett admits that he met Hamid's father before taking out a parchment with a map of Other London. He hands the map to Zolf and explains that it will take them to the place where the men who took The Simulacrum are located, but says that he doesn't personally care for these sorts of items.

Before the leave, Sasha asks about Brock and the cloaked figure says "Brock is in Paris. He's happy, enough." Barrett does not give anymore information.